Love, Protection, Education: By pursuing excellence, honoring God, serving others, and nurturing the family, El Paso Christian School is the only institution to offer a lifestyle where the family flourishes while the spirit strengthens.

At EPCS we infuse Christ into all elements of your child's school experience. From academics to community service, fine arts to athletics, we strive to create a loving Christ centered environment for all. Families of El Paso Christian school can rest assured knowing that their child will receive a top-tier, personalized, biblical world-view education.

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El Paso Christian School offers education for students ranging from ages 6 weeks - 3rd grade. Using A Beka and Bob Jones University curriculum, our students receive a biblical worldview education that integrates faith and learning.

Each of our Christian teachers are carefully selected to insure children receive a well-rounded, individualized education, while helping them achieve to their full potential.

Teachers provide an academic environment where students are:

  • equipped to understand God's truth
  • actively engaged in the learning process
  • able to analyze information critically
  • taught using best educational practices
  • allowed to use technology to improve learning outcomes
  • offered fine arts, PE, and Spanish




Child Care

Pre K2-4


Home School

At El Paso Christian we are more than just a child care facility. We are your child's home away from home. We recognize that leaving your child is never an easy thing. Rest assured at EPCS your baby's primarycaregiver is a nurturing child development professional who is focused on providing a safe, loving, nurturingenvironment that specifically supports your child's early development.

EPCS preschool classrooms are creative spaces, filled with opportunities for your child to learn about God's world, God's word, and God's way. Our loving teachers are committed to providing an educational environment rich in hands on activities, bible biographies, music, art, movement and motion while exploring God's creation. In addition our PK3 and PK4 classrooms lay a strong foundation for reading, writing and arithmetic. There is no better place for your child to learn, excel and grow.

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Our elementary classrooms exists to help your child develop a deep spiritual and educational root system that will keep them anchored by the word for life. Our elementary program affords your child the opportunity to excel in the following academic programs:

  • Bible Studies
  • Heritage Studies
  • Art
  • Math
  • Writing
  • Physical Education
  • Health
  • Science
  • Reading
  • Spanish
  • Language Arts
  • Technology
  • Performing Arts

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HELP- Home School Enrichment Program

We at EPCS applaud the efforts of Christian parents who have prayerfully chosen to educate their children at home. In an effort to assist families that meet our admissions standards but choose to home school, we offer the following services and activities for home schooled students in grades Knd-6th.

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Before you apply, we invite you to take part in our TLC program.

It starts with a TOUR! We invite you to visit our school and amazing facilities.
Next, we recommend that our parent LEARN about our course offerings and the "extras" we have for your child. See what sets us apart!

Finally, CONNECT with our family of teachers, administrators, and parents. Their insight and recommendations will help you align the best academic path for your young child!

Investment Packages

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At EPCS, we are committed to investing in our families. By partnering with FACTS management and RenWeb, we are able to help your family manages costs, seek financial aid, and offer electronic services that integrate you role as a parent with your child's academic experience.

Partnering in ministry with parents and following Christ's call to excellence, El Paso Christian is a community where God's uncompromised truth is taught, Christ's love is demonstrated, servant leadership is cultivated and students are equipped to boldly go into the world doing the works of Christ.

It is our sincere hope that each of our students is led to a knowledge of Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

At El Paso Christian:

  • We see education as a life long process based on the word of God.
  • A biblical worldview is reflected in all that we do.
  • Students will discover their potential as part of God's plan.
  • Academic excellence is seen as an expression of worship to our almighty God.
  • Teachers will model, instruct and provide an opportunity for your child to develop a rich prayer life.
  • All teachers are Christians and strive to model Christian behavior.
  • Christian character is fostered and developed.
  • We are committed to our core values as outlined in our Statement of Faith.

With your commitment to enrolling your child at El Paso Christian, you are not only investing in their future, but yours too. EPCS believes in making the world a better place, and through several service programs we invest directly back into the community.


  • Moms that Pray:
    Mothers of our students regularly coming together to pray over the needs of our teachers, students, staff and community as a whole.

  • Scriptures & Scarves
    EPCS will provide scarves, hand made blankets and scriptures to those in the community battling cancer and going through chemotherapy

  • Public Service & Military Appreciation Day
    Our staff, students, and families come together to honor those that selflessly serve our community and our country

  • Thanksgiving Outreach
    The EPCS stagg will feed those that otherwise wouldn't have a meal by providing items to our local food bank.

  • "Senior Prom"
    EPCS hosts a fun event where we reach out to a community retirement center encouraging them to get dressed up as we provide food, fun, music, fellowship and the gospel.

With a focus on family, our goal is to create and sustain a school culture that welcomes, promotes and invites family engagement and development.

We offer several opportunities to spiritually strengthen one another:

  • Biblical Family Counseling
  • Devo with Dad
  • Family Game Night
  • Home-School Connection Conferences


Before-School Care

After-School Care

El Paso Christian School believes that academic structure and discipline should not compromise the creativity, and joy of "being a kid". EPCS nurtures its students within a loving, open, and approachable atmosphere.

EPCS offers a variety of creative and physical activities during the school day such as art, music, Spanish, PE, and technology.

Before-school care will be provided for EPCS students Monday- Friday from 7:00 am-8:00 am. The cost is $2 per day for drop in care or $30 for the entire month.

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At EPCS we consider it a privilege to provide a safe, fun, Christ centered learning environment for your child in ZONE 3:16. Our extended after school hours are intended to cater to working parents. Our after school program ministers to the mind, body and spirit of each child. Your child can take courses that encourage teamwork, cooperation, and nurtures the development of their unique gifts and talents.

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